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Backhoe methods for repairing or replacing damaged sewer or waterlines. This is a good solution for straightforward jobs where you don't have to worry about interfering landscape or pavement.

Five Star has been providing exceptional conventional pipe replacement service to Denver homeowners for over 10 years.

Minimal site disruption replaces damaged sewer or water lines without digging up your yard. We do this by pulling a hardened steel splitting head through the old pipe. The new pipe is attached to the back of the splitting head and pulled through in one easy step.

This is a good solution for complicated jobs and for yards with existing trees and landscaping as well as yards where the water or sewer pipe runs beneath an existing driveway or sidewalk.

5 Ways
Trenchless Pipe Replacement Simplifies the Job

Our trenchless pipe replacement offers so much to homeowners because it is so simple. Two small holes are dug, one at either end of the pipe to be replaced. One hole is used to feed the pipe, the other to pull the new pipe through the ground. At the end of the job, the two holes are filled, the ground is patched, and that's it! Ask About Senior Discounts and Veterans Discounts!

  • NO damage to existing landscape
  • NO damage to concrete, asphalt, or other paved areas
  • NO future leaks - guaranteed
  • NO more roots growing into the new pipe - ever again
  • NO danger of subtle ground movement damaging the new pipe