Five Star Drains & Plumbingstarstarstarstar3.3 / 5

49 Total Reviews /files//five-star_2.png3032558400$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO

Five Star Drains & Plumbing

Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png$303255840010650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO
Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png3032558400$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO starstarstarstar 3.3 / 5 | 49 Total Reviews

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Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO 3032558400"I own a rental property and was happy to find a company who could winterize both the sprinkler system and the swamp cooler in one visit. I called on a Thursday and set up service for the following Monday with their very nice dispatcher. I offered to provide my credit card info up front, but she said they would call me for payment when the work was done. On the Monday the work was scheduled I heard nothing from the company. I was scrambling to arrange a last minute trip to Florida for a family medical emergency. Boarded a flight the following Tuesday morning and my phone was in airplane mode until 6pm when we arrived. When I finally had a chance to charge my phone and check my messages I was in for a nasty surprise. Candace, one of the owners of 5 Star Drains & Plumbing, had personally fired off three text messages and a voice mail demanding immediate payment, each one more unpleasant than the last. In the span of just FOUR HOURS, she had progressed from "please call us back" to "we are putting a lien on your property in the morning." I called the following morning and made payment to the dispatcher, then answered Candace's texts to let her know that her inexplicably aggressive behavior had cost her a repeat customer, and that I planned to share my disappointment through an online review. Her response was to threaten me with a slander lawsuit if I attempted to "defame" her company. The second star is given because my tenant confirms that the technicians did complete the work and appeared to be competent. But I was shocked to be treated like a criminal and threatened with a lien because I was out of cell phone contact for one afternoon. And trying to suppress an honest review by threatening a lawsuit just adds insult to injury. Very unprofessional people - steer clear."
from Denver, CO on October 16th, 2014
5 (3 / 5)