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49 Total Reviews /files//five-star_2.png3032558400$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO

Five Star Drains & Plumbing

Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png$303255840010650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO
Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png3032558400$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO starstarstarstar 3.3 / 5 | 49 Total Reviews

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Five Star Drains & Plumbing/files//five-star_2.png$10650 Irma Drive, Northglenn CO 3032558400"I first contacted this company in the spring to have some repairs done to my sprinkler system. I had just purchased my home and found the previous owner did not have the system winterized and my manifold was cracked all up. I scheduled a service call, the guy showed up, gave me an estimate and requested credit card information (for a deposit I believe; it's been a minute), and said their office would call and schedule an appointment. A week went by and no call. I also found out that they had charged my card despite no work done, and no schedule to do any work. I get the point of a deposit, but my first reaction to seeing I'd been charged and no one had called, was that I just got scammed. I called them to find out why, and apparently no one notified them they needed to arrange an appointment. So then why was my card charged? Sketchy. Anyway, they finally got that straightened out and the guy came back at a later time and replaced the manifold for me. The system worked, but I was never satisfied with how he replaced the ground box, all crooked and not square with my lawn or house. I ended up digging it up and adjusting it myself. That's not quality work to me. Well, winter was coming around and I decided to give them one more try. I scheduled an appointment by phone with them for a Saturday afternoon, and they no showed me. No show, no call, just by the wayside. IMO, this company is disorganized, and does not put any value on customer service or service quality. I won't bother contacting them in the future for any work I need."
from Lochbuie, CO on November 2nd, 2014
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"All do respect to D.H from Lochbuie. We pulled your record and at no time did you ever pay with a credit card, nor did we move your sprinkler box. Also when we called you back immediately upon reading this post you hung up on us. Please when you are ready to discuss this complaint please contact us Thank you Five Star Staff. "
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